Team Contract

All Athletes must abide by these expectations. Please direct all questions to Coaches Allegood and/or Nieman.

Summer Expectations:

Students should be running 4 to 5 times a week. Students should be able to run a 5k by the end of the summer. For more direction workouts are posted on Team App.

In Season Practice Schedule:

Top 20 (Varsity and Elite JV); Monday -Friday

JV- Monday- Thursday

Official practice starts August 3rd and be held at 7:00 p.m, Sweet Apple.


  1. In season attendance is mandatory. If a runner misses a practice during the week, they will not run or ride with the team to that week’s race.
  2. If a runner is going to be absent they must send an email to Coach Nieman ( or Coach Allegood (
  3. An email to the coaches does not mean the absence is excused. The runner needs to discuss with the coaches about their ability to run in the meet that weekend.

Race Day Reminders:

Race morning are hectic and coaches are in several places at once. The following are important to remember:

  1. Singlets will not be handed out on Race Day! Runners must be present at practice to receive.
  2. If a runner misses the bus, they will not be allowed to run.
  3. Bibs and chips are handed out race morning. If the runner is not present when these are handed out, they will not run.

Social Media:


  1. Social Media use should not violate the FCS code of conduct for students
  2. Posts should not be demeaning or disrespectful to teammates, coaches, peers or other institutions.
  3. Posts should not contain profane, vulgar, obscene, racial/ethnic or offensive language.
  4. Photos should not contain nudity, be vulgar or offensive in nature.
  5. Posts should not cast negative image or perception of an athlete., team or school.


  1. Conference between athlete and coach. Parents may or may not be included.
  2. Extra practice time
  3. Meet suspension
  4. Expulsion from team

The coaches, athletic director and/or school will determine consequences. It is expected that consequences will be progressive if behavior is not improved through previous attempts. However, depending on the severity of post coaches can make the decision to remove athlete from the team without warning. (see fcs code of conduct for student athletes)

Tryouts/Time Trial:

Try outs will be conducted in August and are mandatory. Date is Friday, August 7 th at Riverside Park, 7:00 pm

Returning runners are expected to run the entire course and run at the time achieved from their last meet of last season.

Freshman/New Runners

  • During the first week of school, August 12th, 13th and 14th we will have a three-mile time trial. If the runner cannot meet the required time, they will not run in first meet.
  • The following week we will have another time trial. If times are not met, another week of training will be granted. After the third week, the runner will be dismissed from the team.


 If a runner is injured and cannot participate in practice, they must contact a coach and may not attend practice. A coach will not be available to supervise injured runners. If a runner is injured two or more days in the week, a trainer or doctor’s note is required to join practice again.

If a runner is injured any time during the week where you cannot practice, they will not race in the meet that week.

*If the coach has cleared you to run in the meet than you may run in the meet. The assumption should be that you are not running unless cleared by a coach.