Required Forms

Booster Club Membership

All runner families must join the booster club.  The hand out from our Spring introductory meeting for parents and students can be downloaded from here…  Spring 2017 – Introductory Meeting Packet.

Returning runners, please fill out  2017 XC Registration form – RETURNING RUNNERS – 2

New runners, please fill out the 2017 XC Registration form – NEW RUNNERS – 2

Registration forms can be turned into any coach or board member.  Dawn Webb is the ideal person to find.

PRIVIT – online athletic registration

Fulton County Schools requires all runner families to maintain up-to-date records through the PRIVIT online system. For returning athletes, it is important that parents check to make sure information is up-to-date.

PRIVIT forms include athletics application, emergency contacts, GHSA rules, health insurance info, transportation release, etc.

All forms must be completed before runners can participate in any training or practices. Most forms require electronic signatures from both a parent and the student.

From a computer or tablet (phone not recommended), please register or log in to PRIVIT. If you already have an account, your previous information can be accessed (whew!). Please check it and update as appropriate.

HINT: For new families, we recommend setting up the main log in account in a parent’s name, especially if your family has more than one child. This should reduce the amount of redundant info you need to enter!

There are a lot of forms. Please be patient; there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Additional tips and quirks have been documented here.  If needed, PRIVIT has detailed instructions on their site.  Also, you should not hesitate to use their customer service phone number if you need help.  We have found them to be very helpful and responsive.

Physical & Concussion Forms

All runners must have annual physicals. Additionally, a concussion awareness form must be completed. Originals must be returned to one of the coaches before runners can participate in any training or practices.

Both forms are valid for 12 months from the signature date, but the school does accept April forms to be valid through to the end of next academic year (May 2018).

The physical form is here.

The concussion form is here.

Please download both forms and print out. The concussion form shows a title with 2015-2016. You may disregard this. The form will be accepted for 2017-2018.

The physical form needs to be signed by a physician. Northside Hospital and the Roswell High School athletic department are teaming up to provide free physicals at RHS on April 27.  This is a perfect opportunity to get up-to-date through the 2017-2018 school year.