PRIVIT Hints & Quirks

When going through the PRIVIT forms…

If you experience any quirky behavior or questions you don’t know how to answer, you might want to post something on TeamApp chat to see if anyone else in our community can help you along.  Here are a few items that have come up in the past…


  • Forms completed now (April 2017) will be valid through the end of next academic year (May 2018).
  • If you wish to copy fields from one sibling to another, before working on sibling #2, click on the gear icon in upper right corner to reveal the Copy Data options.
  • Application to Participate – Date of first practice should be 8/1/2016 (up to that point, the kids are training, but we have not started up practice).
  • You do not upload the physical and concussion forms to PRIVIT. Signed originals must be turned into the coaching staff.

Quirks (we wish could be improved)

  • Personal Details form requires emergency contact info and then the very next step has us completing an Emergency Contact form (no fields pre-filled). Emergency Contact Form is almost entirely composed of duplicate info from other forms.
  • Emergency Contact form requires 3 phone numbers for the first contact: a home phone, a mobile phone, and a work phone. According to the CDC, as of Dec 2015 47% of U.S. homes no longer have landlines. The work phone should also not be a required field.
  • Verification of Insurance form says it requires a copy of the insurance card but then does not provide a mechanism to do so in that form. The user needs know to navigate to a separate section (Manage Documents) to upload the card.
  • Same insurance info was required in 3 places.