Practice Schedule

Summer Training:  June 7th – Aug 6 (except for dead week of June 28-July 2).

 Practices at 7am.

Summer Practice Locations
• Monday & Wednesday- Roswell Area Park
• Tuesday & Thursday- Sweetapple Elementary
• Friday-Varsity practice (locations will vary)

Mandatory Practices:  August 9th onward

August 9 – August 27: 7pm

Aug 30th until end of season: 3:50pm after school at Outside Classroom in front of school

Many of the runners seasons will go into October.  Some of the top runners who qualify for the Region and State meets will continue running into November.

Once we start after school practices, students can change in the school locker rooms (downstairs from the cafeteria). They bring their backpacks and all personal items with them to the Outside Classroom in front of the school. Parents can pick up at 5:30(ish) from this same area.