Practice Schedule

This is a broad look at the training regimen for our season.  If you’d like to automatically add our schedule to the calendar on your device, please subscribe through TeamApp.

May Training:  May 7 – May 18
Monday: 4:30 at Roswell Area Park at the football field (large parking lot)
Tuesday: 4:30 at Roswell Area Park at the football field (large parking lot)
Thursday: 4:30 at Sweet Apple Elementary near the soccer fields

Summer Training:  May 29 – July 31 (except for dead week of July 2-6).  Practices at 7am.
Monday: Sweet Apple, near soccer fields
Tuesday: Leita Thompson, meet at Mountain Park Elementary School
Wednesday: Sweet Apple, near soccer fields
Thursday: Riverside Park, near the splash playground
Friday: Varsity, various locations

Mandatory Practices:  August 1st onward
August 1 – August 3: 7am, location TBD
August 6 – August 31: 7pm, except Friday, August 31 will be an early morning practice.  Details to follow
Sept. 4 until end of season: 3:50pm after school at lacrosse fields

Many of the runners seasons will go into October.  Some of the top runners who qualify for the region and state meets will continue running into November.

Once we start after school practices, students can change in the school locker rooms (downstairs from the cafeteria). They bring their backpacks and all personal items with them to the LAX field, which is to the right of the football field. Walk through the student parking lot all the way to the end of the football stadium. The LAX field is between the football stadium and Pike’s Nursery. Parents can pick up at 5:30(ish) from this same area (near the stadium ticket sales booth).