General FAQs

Is this the first season you are involved in Cross Country (XC)? Are you still trying to figure out the sport? Below are some frequently asked questions about Cross Country team: practices, meets and so much more along with answers.

The official RHS SC season runs from August 1 – October for JV Runners and August 1 – November for Varsity Runners who qualify for state.  There are also many opportunities for optional training/conditioning/camps from May-July.  The summer training is optional but highly encouraged. We will have a couple of weeks of training in May, then take a break for exams and resume practices after the school year ends.  Over summer break, we typically train early in the mornings (7am) for 60-90 minutes.  The location changes depending on the day, but we usually rotate between Sweet Apple Park, Riverside Park (near Splash ‘n Play) and Leita Thompson Park.  Coaches track attendance at these training sessions.


How do I find the schedule and other important information?

You need TeamApp.  See the Apps & Websites page for details.

Are Summer Practices/Training Important?

YES!  Without summer training, you WILL be behind many of your teammates and competitors.  In addition, the possibility of injury will be greater if you do not train during the summer.

What kind of equipment do I need?

The most important piece of equipment for a XC runner is their shoes.  Make sure your shoes are high quality, running shoes. It’s even better if you are professionally fitted.  We have had great success working with Big Peach in Marietta. They do shoe fitting and gait analysis and they offer a 15% discount to all RHS athletes.

It’s also important that you bring a water bottle.  Hydration is very important.  You might also want to bring a towel to lie on for core workouts.

When should I replace my shoes?

There’s no hard and fast rule.  Typically, shoes will last somewhere between 400-500 miles.  But, you should swap them out if they feel like the midsole is wearing down.  If you have questions about your shoes, please ask one of the coaches.  It’s better to play it safe and prevent injury than to continue running in an old pair of shoes that may put you at risk for injury.

Do we practice in the rain?

Yes, we practice rain or shine.  Occasionally, storms will approach and we will always watch for potentially dangerous conditions.  The coaches will be in close contact with the athletes if any practices are changed or canceled.


Every family is responsible for their own transportation to/from practices. Many families carpool, so please let a board member know if you need help finding someone who lives near you. For the meets, athletes will be required to ride the bus to the meet.  They can ride home with parents if the specific protocol is followed. For more information, see the “Information about Meets” section of this document.


We have wonderful coaches for this team and they work very hard for little compensation.  They gain a lot of satisfaction from seeing the kids improve throughout the season and they encourage them to become lifelong runners.  The coaches take the athletes’ health and safety seriously. It is extremely important that the athletes follow the coach’s instructions, including following the exact running route. Coaches monitor the designated areas. If something were to happen outside of these areas, the coaches may not be aware and getting help to the athlete could be difficult.


The coaches will announce the captains in the fall.  A lot of deliberation goes into choosing the captains.  It isn’t always the top runners.  They are looking for students who are committed, encouraging to others, exhibit leadership and are respected by and show respect to the coaches, their teammates, and the RHS community.


Athletes will be asked to read and acknowledge a Team Contract.

How do I get PE Credit?

This information is coming soon… 

How do I earn a Roswell Letter?

There are 2 ways to letter:

  1. Successfully complete 3 years of Cross Country (through the AREA meet), OR
  2. Record a meet time of:

– Freshmen/Sophomore: 19:15
– Junior/Senior: 18:30

– Freshmen/Sophomore: 23:00
– Junior/Senior: 22:30


See Camps & Trips

Time Trials:

Coaches will hold time trials throughout the summer.  The mandatory time trial will be held on  at 7:30am at Riverside Park, Friday August 7th.  This is a 2-mile run where the coaches determine who will run Varsity and JV at the first meet.  This is an exciting event for all as the runners have been preparing and training all summer long to see how they will be placed on the team.  This is a family event, so make sure you come out and cheer on all the runners.  After the time trial, we will have a light breakfast, and the coaches will speak with all of the families.

Covered Bridge:

We host one meet every fall called “Covered Bridge” which is held at Garrard’s Landing Park.  The 2020 meet is tentatively scheduled for September 12th.  We will invite High School teams to run Saturday morning, and middle school teams on Saturday evening.  We need a lot of volunteers to help make this meet run smoothly.

Pasta Dinners:

There will be 2-3 pasta dinners throughout the season for the athletes.  These are fun and great team bonding experiences as well.  They are usually held on a Thursday after practice before a big meet.  If you are interested in hosting a pasta dinner at your home, please let us know.  We ask many parents to help provide the food and drinks.


We hope to hold more social activities this year.  We have someone who is willing to plan parent socials.  Please let us know if you are interested in helping plan athlete and/or family socials. The meets are more fun when we know each other better.

Social Media:

Facebook Page: Roswell High School Cross Country Boosters

Instagram: RHS XC Booster Club (rhsxcboosters)

We post pictures from the practices, meets, Runner of the Week, Pasta dinners, banquet…etc.

We expect every athlete to uphold the Fulton County rules on Social Media.  The coaches have a high standard for appropriate behavior and will continually address expectations with the kids.

What is the Booster Club?

The Booster Club is comprised of the Head Coach (Sara Allegood) along with the Co-Presidents (Michael and Karen Brunner), VP of Parent Volunteering (Raquel DeCamp), VP of Runner Activities ( Jennifer Cartier),  Treasurer (Vicki Manus), Secretary/Communications (Stephanie Clark) and VP (Carissa Williams).  The Booster Club supports the coaches and helps manage/budget the booster fees, plan the pasta dinners and banquet, organize Covered Bridge meet, communicate with the parents, etc.

What are the Booster Fees and what are they used for?

The booster club pays for meet entry fees, coaches for summer training, an additional coach for fall, t-shirts, singlets, team-building activities, supplies and equipment, state meet expenses, and end of season banquet, including gifts, awards, and dinner for the runners.

What do we get in the Athletic Package?

Runners will need to purchase their own shorts. They will receive a T-shirt and 3/4 zip as a part of their package. Optional, but encouraged items include a NEW for 2020 black RHS XC hoodie and pants. A RHS XC backpack is also available to purchase. See link under 2020 Registration.

Is there Parent Spirit Wear?

Yes!  We love to see parents on the course wearing RHS spirit wear.  Parents will have the opportunity to purchase Cross Country spirit wear specially designed for them.  If you order before school is out, you will be guaranteed delivery by our first event.  This spirit wear is in Green or Black and can be worn at any Roswell sporting event.  You can order on TeamApp.

How can I get involved as a parent?

We ask for at least one parent from every family to help with the Covered Bridge meet that we host. We also have opportunities for parents to help with Time Trials, Pasta Dinners, Socials, and Banquet. Please contact any board member if you would like to get more involved.