Coaching Staff

Coach Evans, Head Coach

Coach Evans has been running for 40 years and has logged a total of 25,0Picture of Coach Evans.00-30,000 miles so far. This is his 12th season coaching and teaching at RHS. He was at Crabapple for 8 years before RHS. He has a wife Carol, 2 older boys, a dog-named Sam and a cat named Isis (she was named 15 years ago after a Greek Mythology God).
What he likes most about coaching: Being with the kids and seeing how they improve.
Hobbies: running, mountain climbing, backpacking and gardening.


Coach Dugan, Head Coach

Picture of Coach Dugan.Coach Dugan is married and has two kids: Evan 12 and Emmi 4. She has been a teacher for 7 years, 5 at Roswell. She played all types of sports in high school, including cross-country. In college she played softball at Mercer University. She enjoys all types of physical activities but always gravitates back to running. She has trained for a marathon and two half marathons, but was only able to run one of the 1/2’s due to injury. She understands the hard work and disappointment that can go into training. Her goal is to inspire kids to want to become life-long runners. She fully believes running should be an outlet to relieve stress, but to have fun while doing it!

Coach White, Assistant Coach

Picture of Coach White.Coach White has been coaching for 34 years. He coached at Missouri State for 5 years. He has coached Track and Field at RHS since 1996 and this is his fourth year with the RHS XC team. Bob has a wife and 2 grown kids.
Hobbies: Coaching.
Favorite thing about coaching: interactions with the kids.




Coach Nieman, Assistant Coach

Coach Nieman is
 married to his beautiful wife Tori. He enjoys traveling and running. He has been running long distance for about 2 years. He has completed 3 marathons (2 road and 1 trail) and 5 half-marathons. Coach Nieman’s goal is to run 50k then a 50 miler. He enjoys running, especially long distance running because it teaches you a lot about trusting the process and pushing yourself mentally. He truly believes that anyone who is willing to work hard can be a great runner, you just have to work hard and put in the time training. He enjoys seeing the kids work hard and do more than they thought they could.