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Practice remains after school

Runners will meet every day at 3:50 at the practice fields.  Remember to bring shoes and water bottle to school!

Coach Wood- THIS WEEKEND! 379849

Everyone’s favorite, fast race is this coming Saturday, October 17th

McIntosh Nature Reserve. 1046 W McIntosh Circle

Whitesburg, GA 30185

10:30am  Varsity Boys D-top 10
10:55am Varsity Girls D-top 10
11:20am   Champ JV Boys D-next 12
11:45am   Champ JV Girls D-next 12
12:10pm  JV Boys D-rest of JV
12:35pm   JV Girls D-rest of JV
Runners to be at RHS no later than 6:30 a.m.
Admission is $5 per person. CASH ONLY. The Nature Reserve also charges $5 per car and is taken separately as you enter the state park. Parking is interesting here as it is a single road in and out. It can take some time to park. Leave plenty of time to arrive on time.
Meet gear is being sold on-line rather than at the event. See link here: 
There will NOT be concessions sold at this race. Runners will need to bring snacks they prefer. The coaches will be stopping at a park nearby for a team picnic after the last race for lunch. The Booster Club is providing Chick-fil A lunch boxes.  
Lastly, meet organizers are hosting a canned food drive. Runners and families are encouraged to bring a can or two to the meet. Donations will be delivered to the Southeast Gwinnett Co-Op to support needs of the surrounding community.

Results from Asics/Alexander Invitational:IMG-2025

What a cool venue! Great results for the team once again.

Top 5 finishers in each race were:   

Varsity boys: Christian Jimenez (6th) Will Uhlmeyer (26th) Christian Cartier  (32nd ) Adam Clark (33rd) Thomas Rhodes (46th)

Varsity girls: Lynley Blocker (3rd) Tara Goff (5th)  Melanie Tribick (10th) Alli Wiggins (23rd) Julia Haley (26th)

JV boys (Race 1): Owen Roberts (1st) Drew Stowers  (2nd) Chase Williams (3rd) Matthew Brunner (4th) Michael Parnes (9th)

JV boys (Race 2): Colin Ashmead (1st) Ben Pope (2nd) Parker Stowers (3rd) Simon Smith (4th) Alex Vrolijk (5th)

JV girls: Kalea Mills (6th) Katherine Peyton (10th) Mariana Ornelas (11th) Mallory Holbert (17th) Ilka Moreno (18th)


PASta Dinner- Thursday,Oct 22ndpenne-pasta-tomato-sauce-chicken-260nw-275882210

Our last pasta dinner of the season is next Thursday. We have two new hosts this time around. Boys will head over to the Jimenez’s house and girls will be hosted by the Gillespie’s. THANK YOU!!!!

The Booster Club will be bringing in the pasta once again but are asking for other items. Thanks for all who provided items last time!


Girls:  Gillespie’s 245 Broadmeadow Cove

Boys: Jimenez’s 745 Aronson Lake Ct


Senior Photos are NEEDED!!

Senior parents: Please take a few photos of your runner at the next two meets and share on our shutterfly site here: 

OR  download and send them to

We use them for the banquet and want to capture all our runners this season!


FYI… After Coach Wood…

The Region meet will be Saturday, October 24th.  Runners have been given a time they must make this week in order to participate beyond this weekend. It is likely that the top 30 boys and 30 girls will be advancing to the  Region meet. Coaches will be making this call after Coach Wood on Saturday. They will notify everyone who will NOT need to practice next week. 


Banquet Details are being discussed…STAY TUNED!!


Go Hornets !!!



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