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“Listen, the work is behind the scenes. The competition is the easy part.” -Usain Bolt

Great American Results:362549

Finally a nice day for racing. The cool weather played a part in many runners achieving a PR! Congrats to all athletes for goals achieved.

Top 50 Individual:

Varsity: Christian Cartier 29th, David Cartier 41st, Adam Clark 47th

JV Boys: Thomas Rhodes 19th, Henry Lovings 43rd, Matthew Brunner 45th, Matthew Herbst 46th

JV Girls: Kathryn Peyton 48th

XC Banquet

imagesThe end of season banquet is scheduled for Monday October 28th. in the RHS cafeteria.  Outback will be catering and dinner will start at 5:30. We are in need of some parents to help with the planning and execution.  Please consider helping out with our end of season celebration. Sign up here
Watch for more details and RSVP request soon!



Runners of the Week (9/30):

Varsity: Thomas Brunner

JV: Kelly Foit, Kathryn Peyton, Miquel Villaca


Coach Wood Invitational October 12th


McIntosh Nature Reserve

1046 W McIntosh Circle, Whitesburg, Ga 30185


8:15am – Championship Boys (30 teams, 10 runners)
8:45am – Championship Girls (30 teams, 10 runners)
9:15am – JV Championship Boys (for Championship teams, 15 runners)
9:45am –JV Championship Girls (for Championship teams, 15 runners)
10:15am – JV Blue Boys – (for Championship teams – unlimited)
10:45am – JV Blue Girls – (for Championship teams – unlimited)
11:25am – Varsity Boys – (up to 40 teams, 15 runners)
11:30am- 1st Awards Ceremony
11:55am – Varsity Girls – (up to 40 teams, 15 runners)



  • Please plan on getting to the meet earlier than you might normally arrive at a meet. There is only one road that takes you into the park. Meet management will move/direct traffic as quickly as possible, but planning to arrive early will hopefully help the process.


  • $5 for each individual ($5 if cash; $7 if card)
  • McIntosh Nature Reserve charges $5 per car for parking. It is a state park so we have no control over this charge.

Last Pasta Dinner of the Seasonpexels-photo-1437267

The last pasta dinner of the season will be on Friday, October 18th. Everyone has been so generous with participation and donations. Thanks for making this a successful, fun part of RHS XC.

Sign up here


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