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“Experience has taught me how important it is to just keep going, focusing on running fast and relaxed. Eventually pain passes and the flow returns. It’s part of racing.” – Frank Shorter


Results for Big Peach Mustang Stampede:

Roswell XC had another great meet this weekend on a early, muggy morning.

Varsity and JV Boys both placed 2nd and JV Girls placed 3rd.

Top 20 Results:

Varsity Boys:

Christian Cartier 3rd, David Cartier 8th, Drew Stowers 14th, Adam Clark 17th

JV Boys:

Henry Lovings 3rd, Matthew Brunner 6th, Alex Vrolijk 12th, Alexandre Carpet 18th

JV Girls:

Alli Wiggins 6th, Melanie Tribick 10th, Ainsley Gillespie 11th, Presley Cuen 13th, Leah Ehrhardt 15th, Allison Cunliffe 16th, Katie Nay 17th, Veronica Soroka 18th

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Runners of the Week (Sept 9th): 

Varsity: Kendrick Wong and Addison Turnbull

JV: Matthew Brunner and Veronica Soroka


Practice This Week Moving to After School:

Monday, 9/16: 3:50pm at RHS
Tuesday 9/17: 3:50pm at RHS
Wednesday 9/18 3:50pm at RHS
Thursday 9/19: 3:50pm at RHS  (PASTA DINNER AFTER PRACTICE)

Friday 9/20: 3:50pm at RHS Top 20 practice (Coaches will confirm)


Pasta Dinner this THURSDAY 9/19pexels-photo-1437267

Burdett’s home (Collin – sophomore) 12665 Silver Fox Court [770-634-3200] Immediately after practice.

Sign up to bring an item!


Wingfoot Meet this Weekend:338858

All runners will be running on Saturday.  It has been decided that no RHS runners will run on Friday.  Runner assignments will be available later in the week.  Here is the info currently on Milesplit:


Parking Map:

7:15 AM Community Race
8:30 AM Varsity Boys A
8:45 AM Varsity Girls A
9:05 AM Varsity Boys B
9:20 AM Varsity Girls B
9:40 AM JV Boys A 45:00
10:10 AM JV Girls A 45:00
10:45 AM JV Boys B 45:00
11:15 AM JV Girls B 45:00


XC Participation Fee:


We have a few families that have not paid the RHS Participation fee.  Please sign on ASAP.
At the parent orientation meeting, Coach Evans and Coach Allegood talked the  Participation Fee that RHS is implementing (other schools have been collecting this in the past). It is a $75 fee per athlete per sport. The funds will stay with Cross Country and not be used by other sports. The funds will be used for things like going to state expenses, uniforms, meet timers and other expenses that are incurred that Booster fees do not cover.
We used the fees that are in our account to purchase the new green singlets this year but still need to purchase more as our team has grown! The new singlets are $40 a piece.
Please pay this fee online, if possible using this link: drop down on “High” and select Roswell HS. Then click on either Girls CC or Boys CC and follow the prompts. Processing fees have been waived.

It is important to note that the school collects these fees – it does not and cannot go through the booster club.


Last but not Least!!! Baby Judah Nieman is here!


The newest Hornet is here! Welcome Judah!! Congratulations Tori and Coach Nieman. What a beautiful baby boy 💙💙💙💙









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