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“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.” -Laird Hamilton

Results from the North Georgia Championships @ Lamar Murphy Park360884

What a great first 5k meet for the team! Varsity boys and JV Open girls took first place, JV girls took 2nd place and Varsity girls, JV boys and JV Open boys took 3rd place. GREAT WORK!! 

Top 10 finishers were:

Varsity boys: Christian Cartier 10th

JV boys: Marcus Trevisan 7th

JV girls: Ainsley Gillespie 5th

JV Open boys: Jeremy Maier 1st

JV Open girls: Claire Mulkey 1st, Eve Heslin 4th, Lillian Bishop 7th, Veronica Soroka 9th, Skylar Aldy 10th


Freshman only meet this Thursday, August 29th

The freshman will participate in a Dual Meet with Centennial freshman this Thursday, 6:30 at Sweet Apple park. Runners will need to be at Sweet Apple at 5:30 to warm up. The freshman meet will follow the JR Hornet race which starts at 6:00. Runners will need to wear their uniform. Freshman will not need to stay for practice after the meet.

Traffic and parking will be tight. Consider parking at the front of the school.


Practice Schedule this Week:

Monday, 8/26: Sweet Apple at 7pm
Tuesday, 8/27: Sweet Apple at 7pm
Wednesday, 8/28: Sweet Apple Park at 7pm
Thursday, 8/29: Sweet Apple at 7pm, Freshman do not need to stay for practice
Friday, 8/30: Schools OUT. TOP 20 only 7:00 AM Sweet Apple

Monday, Sept 2nd LABOR DAY- PRACTICE IS ON! 7pm Sweet Apple


Runners of the Week (8/19):

Varsity: David Cartier and Courtney Webb

JV: Thomas Rhodes and Kate Manus



35 Families have not signed up to volunteer at Covered Bridge yet.

WE IMG-3045DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP!!    Thank you to the parents who have already signed up to work Covered Bridge on Saturday, September 7.  ALL PARENTS OF RUNNERS ARE NEEDED TO PARTICIPATE IN SOME CAPACITY.  Let’s show what great hosts we can be.

We need parking help, specifically. The more individuals we have available to move cars into spaces, the easier it will go for everyone.

Also, we need 3 people to help with directing the school buses into their lot. Buses will arrive early and be parked and then will need assistance getting out at the end of the meet.

Covered Bridge Sign up here


Thanks to Emily Smith, Milette Esposito and Kathryn Mulkey for a great first Pasta Dinner!

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Practices will be held after school beginning next Tuesday.

More info will be sent out this week.













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