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Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream the farther you get.
– Michael Phelps


Big Peach Mustang Stampede Results:

Congratulations to our Cross Country runners who endured a brutally hot meet.  Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys both finished 3rd.  JV Boys and JV Girls both placed 1st.  Way to go Hornets!!

Top 20 finishers:
Varsity Girls:
3rd: Mallie McKenzie
9th: Sarah Sandreuter
16th: Abby Smith

Varsity Boys:
4th: Jack Rhodes
14th: Michael Parnes

JV Girls:
4th: Lynley Blocker
6th: Gabby Gillespie
9th: Leah Ehrhardt
10th: Kelly Foit
11th: Kalea Mills
13th Abigail Mellor
14th: Courtney Webb
19th: Sadie Zeigler

JV Boys:
4th: Christian Cartier
5th: Adam Clark
7th: Kendrick Wong
8th: Drew Stowers
19th: Henry Loving
20th Owen Roberts

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Runners of the Week (9/10):


Marcus Trevisan, Kalea Mills, Mallie McKenzie and Christian Cartier



Monday, 9/17: 3:50pm at RHS
Tuesday,9/18: 3:50pm at RHS
Wednesday, 9/19: 3:50pm at RHS
Thursday, 9/20: 3:50pm at RHS
Friday, 9/21: 3:50pm at RHS

Wingfoot Classic, 9/22:

Sam Smith Park
1155 Douthit Ferry Rd, Cartersville, GA 30120

Race times and assignments will be posted later this week via NEWS on TeamApp.



Neurosport (located near Marlow’s Tavern) is reserving recovery time for our athletes on Saturday, September 15 (after Mustang Stampede) from 2:00pm-3:30pm after the meet.  The recovery will be 15 minutes in the recovery boots and 15 minutes of foam rolling/ stretching. The total session will last approximately 30 minutes.  Cost: $15 drop-in rate per athlete or you can sign up for a membership which will provide you with unlimited sessions for the month for $39.  Kids who have memberships should sign up on mindbody.com

We must give them the names of athletes by this Wednesday, September 12 at 5pm.  Please reserve your time by sending an email to annvance5@att.net.   Send your name and preferred time slot (2pm, 2:30, or 3:00pm).



We have a few families that have not paid the RHS Participation fee.  Please sign on ASAP.
At the parent orientation meeting, Coach Evans talked about a new Participation Fee that RHS is implementing (other schools have been collecting this in the past). It is a $75 fee per athlete per sport. The funds will stay with Cross Country and not be used by other sports. The funds will be used for things like going to state expenses, uniforms (in the future – we have already purchased this years’ uniforms…etc.), and other expenses that are incurred that Booster fees do not cover.  We definitely plan to use the funds to purchase badly needed new singlets.
Please pay this fee online, if possible using this link:
https://osp.osmsinc.com/FultonGA/Default.aspx drop down on “High” and select Roswell HS. Then click on either Girls CC or Boys CC and follow the prompts. Processing fees have been waived. This is the preferred method of payment so that Coach Evans doesn’t have to write out an individual receipt for each check/payment he receives. He would greatly appreciate your payment online.

It is important to note that the school collects these fees – it does not and cannot go through the booster club.


Pasta Dinner this Thursday, 9/20:

Our first Pasta Dinner will be hosted by Emily Smith (runner: Abby Smith) this coming Thursday.  This is a fun carb-loading dinner for our athletes.  We need a lot of parent volunteers to help with set up, cooking and clean up.  Parents, please see the Sign Up Genius and help us out!  All details are in the SUG.

Pasta dinner is immediately following practice and ends at 7:15pm.  We also need a few parents to transport some kids from practice to the dinner.  Please encourage other athlete-drivers (if old enough) to carpool younger athletes.

Lanyards and Magnets:

Runners, if you have not received your lanyard and magnet (they are part of the uniform package), please go to Coach Allegood’s room in E-hall to pick up.


Johnny’s Pizza Spirit Night:


Thank you to Eileen Leisses for organizing a successful night at Johnny’s Pizza.  And thank you to all that came out to Johnny’s to support the XC team!

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