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“What I’ve learned from running is that the time to push hard is when you’re hurting like crazy and you want to give up. Success is often just around the corner.”
James Dyson




Julia Haley and Michael Parnes


Leah Ehrhardt, Kendrick Wong, and Lynley Blocker

Way to go Hornets!

Covered Bridge Information:

We have several positions where we need volunteers.  If you can help us out, please do:

  • Set-up on Friday, 8/7 from 10-2:30pm.  We need one more person.

  • Direct Cars/Buses from 5:30am – 8:30am.  We need one more person.
  • Parking from 6am until 9am.
    Need one more person.
  • Helping cars get out of the park from 9:30am-11:30am (perfect for Varsity runner’s parent who would be done running)  Need one more person.
  • Golf Carts from 6am – 11am.  Need one more person to ride with the cart driver
  • Concessions from 6:30am – 11:30am.
    Need one more person.

Please see the Sign Up Genius and help us out!

Parents: Parking information will be coming out next week.  We have very limited parking inside the park, so we’d like to have parents/volunteers park off-site.  We will be charging $10/car inside the park for all guests.  We highly encourage you to carpool, if possible.

Also, We are hosting a Middle School Meet later in the day.  All parents are invited to come back to watch – especially if you have a younger child who may be interested in running.  Feel free to help us out with that meet too!

The High School XC runners will be working the Middle School Meet.  The top 20 Boys and top 20 Girls are expected to be there.  All runners who want to go to the Great American Festival Meet in North Carolina are required to come and help.  A bus will leave RHS at 4:30pm on Saturday to transport them to/from Garrard for the Middle School Meet.


Monday, 9/3 (Labor Day): 6pm at Garrard Landing for Varsity and Elite JV
Tuesday,9/4: 3:50pm at RHS
Wednesday, 9/5: 3:50pm at RHS
Thursday, 9/6: 3:50pm at RHS
Friday, 9/7: 3:50pm at RHS


Press release from the Roswell Patch:

Click HERE!



Neurosport (located near Marlow’s Tavern) is reserving recovery time for our athletes on Saturday, September 8 (after Covered Bridge) from 1:30pm-3:00pm after the meet.  The recovery will be 15 minutes in the recovery boots and 15 minutes of foam rolling/ stretching. The total session will last approximately 30 minutes.  Cost: $15 drop-in rate per athlete or you can sign up for a membership which will provide you with unlimited sessions for the month for $39.  Kids who have memberships should sign up on mindbody.com

We must give them the names of athletes by this Wednesday, September 5 at 5pm.  Please reserve your time by sending an email to annvance5@att.net.   Send your name and preferred time slot (1:30pm, 2:00, or 2:30pm).


Scoring of a Cross Country Meet:images

Points are awarded to the individual runners of eligible teams, equal to the position in which they cross the finish line (first place gets 1 point, second place gets 2 points, etc.). The points for each team’s top-five runners are summed, and the lowest total team score wins. Individual athletes, and athletes from incomplete teams (teams consisting of less than 5 athletes or teams) and individuals who have been disqualified are excluded from scoring. Ties are usually broken by the position of each team’s sixth runner.

The lowest possible score in a five-to-score match is 15 (1+2+3+4+5), achieved by a team’s runners finishing in each of the top five positions. In some competitions a team’s sixth and seventh runner are scored in the overall field and are known as “pushers” or “displacers” as their place can count ahead of other runners, giving other teams more points.


TeamApp Tip:

Where can I find information about the next meet or results from a previous meet?
Go to TeamApp > Other Websites > Milesplit xxxx
To see the results, simply click on results and choose the race. The overall team scores are often posted below the individual times.

Athletic Package:

Magnets & Lanyards are here! All runners should get one (no extra charge). If you did not get one, please see Coach Evans in F128 before/after school. There are also some extra shorts and sweatpants, so if your size isn’t quite right, please stop by Coach Evans room to exchange.



Spirit Night at Johnny’s Pizza on Wednesday, September 12 from 11am-10pm. Dine-in, carry-out & delivery.  You must mention RHS Cross Country when ordering. The website is: johnnysnewyorkstylepizza.com   Johnny’s will give 20% back to the team.

Have a Wonderful and Safe Labor Day Weekend!


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