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“Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Ryun



48 runners went to camp up in Ocoee, TN.  We had perfect weather. The week was filled with training runs, team building games, amazing food and fun activities.  A HUGE THANK YOU needs to go to the coaches who spent countless hours preparing: Coach Evans, Coach White, and Coach Nieman.  We also had two other coaches/counselors join us who played an important role:  Coach Whitney Sweet and Coach Kate Lagasse.  Thank you to the cooks who made sure everyone was well fed:  Dawn Webb, Casey Mellor, and Ann Vance.

Many parents provided food:  Dee Gillespie, Missy Colson, Vicki Tribick, Stephanie Schuette, Emily Smith, Emily Zeigler, Veronique Vanoverstraeten, Dena Turnbull, Laurie Sandreuter, Heidi Aehl and Wendy Rhodes.  We could not have done it without your help.  Thank you!


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More camp pictures are posted in our shared Shutterfly account.  It can be accessed in TeamApp under OTHER WEBSITES.


Practice Schedule this week:

Monday (7/30): 7am at Sweet Apple Park
Tuesday (7/31): 7am at Roswell Area Park – near the football fields
Wednesday (8/1): 7am at Sweet Apple Park
Thursday (8/2): 7am at Roswell High School (at the Lacrosse fields – to the right of the FB stadium).  Freshmen excused due to Freshmen orientation.
Friday (8/3): 7am at Riverside Park – meet near the splash playground

Week of 8/6: Practices will be at 7pm at Roswell High School.  Practice times are subject to change based on weather.  Always be sure to check Remind or TeamApp.


Watermelon Wednesday:images

Watermelon Wednesday’s will continue during our hot training times.  Please sign up to bring Watermelon or Icees here


HYDRATE…Make it a Habit
If you are dehydrated you lose speed, strength, energy and decision-making ability.  Your risk of injury is also increased.

Not feeling good?
Tell someone asap!  Know the early stages of heat exhaustion.  If you are experiencing dizziness, blurred vision or vomiting… tell a coach, adult or teammate.

Dehydration reduces strength, power, and endurance.  Signs of dehydration: thirsty, headache, fatigue, impaired performance, nausea, dry mouth, chills, clammy skin, cramps, muscles lose strength.  Higher levels of dehydration can lead to increased body temperature, dizziness, and heat stroke, which can be life-threatening.

How much do I need to drink?
This varies greatly depending on your size, sweat rate, climate, and a host of other factors. The general recommendation is to drink plenty throughout the day so that you’re never thirsty. Thirst is the first sign of dehydration. You’ll probably be drinking at least 2-3 liters of water per day. Leading up to races you should drink four to eight extra glasses of water the day before, another two to three glasses at least two hours before, and one or two glasses 10-15 minutes before competition. The majority of your fluid intake should be plain water; sports drinks can provide extra calories and electrolytes, but sodas and other soft drinks should be limited as much as possible. You’ll know you’re drinking enough when your urine is clear, you’re using the bathroom frequently, and you’re not feeling thirsty. Adequate hydration should be practiced all day, every day. Don’t try to fit it all in the hour before you race, as water overload is a very real and dangerous condition.  – Runner’s World


Happy Birthday Coach Evans (7/29)!!






Athlete July Birthdays:

Lejla Ljubuncic (7/6)images
Malachi Crenshaw (7/15)
Charlie Esposito (7/20)
Courtney Webb (7/24)
Ainsley Greve (7/260
Noah Schuette (7/27)

** Birthdates taken from athlete’s profiles in TeamApp




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