The XC Buzzz

“Only one person and one person only will determine how good of a runner you become…
You will become as good as you let yourself be. That one person is you.”
                             – a coach

14th Annual Darlington Cross Country Festival Results:

IMG_0803  Varsity Boys finished 5th out of 37 teams with Jack Rhodes placing 8th.

Varsity Girls finished 5th out of 32 teams.

JV Boys finished 5th out of 30 teams with Dylan Burns placing 7th.

JV Girls placed 2nd out of 19 teams with Madison Allen finishing 11th and Caroline Goff finishing 15th.


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The next meet (in Georgia) is the Nike/Fleet Feet Coach Wood Invitational on October 14 at the North Georgia Gainesville Campus in Gainesville, GA.  More information next week.

Pasta Dinner:

A HUGE Thank you to Becky and David Bourne for hosting the second Pasta Dinner.  Thank you to Rachel and Wayne Forlines for all the organization and set/up.  And thank you to all the parents that cooked and helped set/up and clean/up.


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The next (last) Pasta dinner is scheduled for Thursday, October 12.  More details soon.

Runners of the week:

September 18:

Varsity: Idi Martinez

JV: Madison Allen and Charlie Esposito

October 2:

Varsity: David Cartier and Sarah Sandreuter

JV: Owen Roberts and Caroline Goff


Practices this week:

Monday – Thursday (10/2-10/5): 4pm at RHS
No Practice on Friday, 10/6 and Monday, 10/9



TODAY!!  We have one more chance to show our spirit on Tuesday, October 3rd from 11am-10pm. Dine-in, carry-out & delivery.  You must mention RHS Cross Country when ordering. The website is:   Johnny’s will give 20% back to the team.



The most important time to eat is within 30 minutes after running.
* It restores energy and repairs muscle.  Waiting longer than 2 hours can slow recovery.
* Protein as well as carbohydrates are important for tissue repair and glycogen replacement.

Some Ideas:
Sports drink–16 oz. or more
Bread–add honey, jam, cream cheese
Cereal w/skim milk and fruit
Yogurt w/fruit or nuts
Turkey sandwich
Fruit smoothie
Chocolate milk
PB&J sandwich


Coach Nieman Crushes it at the Tortoise and the Hare 50K Race:

Our very own Coach Nieman ran a 50K in 5 hours and 9 minutes last weekend in Blue Ridge and came in FIRST!  That’s 31 miles of running!  His wife, Tori, ran the 30K and came in 4th!  Congratulations Coach Nieman!





Good Luck to everyone that’s running the Disney Meet this weekend!  Travel safe….Run Fast… and Have Fun!



XC Banquet:

The Banquet is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14 in the RHS Cafeteria.  More information will be coming out in the upcoming weeks.



We only know your birthday if you have it entered in TeamApp under your profile.  So this is who we know to celebrate:images

Abigail Mellor (10/1)
Mary Rains (10/2)
Wesley Lucciola (10/2)
Jack Fallon (10/8)
Rex Rickson (10/13)
Alexis Finch (10/18)
Tai Crisco (10/19)
Matthew Leisses (10/21)
Molly Elliott (10/22)
Zachary Tennessee (10/23)
Martin Bode (10/23)
Alina Bauer (10/29)


We’d love to know if you have an interest in helping next year.  We can start getting you involved this year to make the transition easy.  Please contact Dawn, Ann, Eileen or Bob if you’re interested.

Running Joke:

Q: Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato?
A: The lettuce was a “head” and the tomato was trying to “ketchup”!


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