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“Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day, and you are a success.”  – Wiliam J.H. Boetcker

Wingfoot Classic Results:

Well, a very hot race proved challenging for many, but Roswell had great results.


Girls Varsity placed 1st amongst 34 teams! Rosie Grant finished 13th, with Sarah Sandrueter on her heels at 14th and Idi Martinez at 15th.  Strong finish, Girls!

Boys Varsity placed 6th of 43 teams.  Jack Rhodes finished 16th.

Girls JV ran a 3K due to heat.  Anna Zeigler finished 5th, Abigail Mellor 10th, Madison Allen 14th, Maggie Stephens 15th and Abby Smith 16th.

Boys JV placed 3rd of 32 teams.  Zachary Tennessee finished strong at 3rd, Norman Moreno at 10th and Harrison Forlines at 13th.

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14th Annual Darlington Cross Country Festival


8:45 JV HS Girls 5K
9:20 JV HS Boys 5K
9:50 Varsity HS Girls 5K
10:25 Varsity HS Boys 5K
10:55 Open –  HS Boys & Girls 5K
Parking: There will be a $5 parking fee for all cars.
Address:  1014 Cave Spring Rd., Rome GA  30161
Bus will leave from RHS parking lot at 6:30am.

Practices this week:

Wednesday: 4pm at RHS
Thursday: A and B Group at 4pm from Roswell North Elementary (please see a coach if you need a ride) – bring your backpack to RNE.
C group will have practice at 4pm at RHS (your backpacks will be transported for you to the dinner)
Pasta dinner to follow.  Pickup your runner by 7:30.  Please see the NEWS item in TeamApp for details.
Friday: No morning Practice (C group)
A and B group: 4pm at RHS



Our next Pasta dinner will be this Thursday, September 28 at the Bourne’s house.  Please refer to the NEWS item last week with details/address…etc.  We still need one more person with an SUV to help transport backpacks and we need a few more pasta dishes.  The link for Sign Up Genius is in the NEWS item.

Runners of the Week:

Week of September 18:
We will have a picture next Newsletter.  Varsity: Idi Martinez.  JV: Madison Allen

Week of September 25:


Varsity: Kelly Foit and Jacob Brunner


JV: AJ Salvadori, Jeremy Maier and Anna Zeigler


This varies greatly depending on your size, sweat rate, climate, and a host of other factors. The general recommendation is to drink plenty throughout the day so that you’re never thirsty. Thirst is the first sign of dehydration. You’ll probably be drinking at least 2-3 liters of water per day. Leading up to races you should drink four to eight extra glasses of water the day before, another two to three glasses at least two hours before, and one or two glasses 10-15 minutes before competition. The majority of your fluid intake should be plain water; sports drinks can provide extra calories and electrolytes, but sodas and other soft drinks should be limited as much as possible. You’ll know you’re drinking enough when your urine is clear, you’re using the bathroom frequently, and you’re not feeling thirsty. Adequate hydration should be practiced all day, every day. Don’t try to fit it all in the hour before you race, as water overload is a very real and dangerous condition.




Thank you for coming out to support the team at Johnny’s.  It was their largest Spirit Night with total sales of $700.  We receive $140!  We have one more chance to show our spirit on Tuesday, October 3rd from 11am-10pm. Dine-in, carry-out & delivery.  You must mention RHS Cross Country when ordering. The website is:   Johnny’s will give 20% back to the team.

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Are you interested in seeing photos from the meets and other gatherings?  We have a Shutterfly Share account where you can view/upload pictures of your favorite athletes!

Here’s how from TeamApp:images
– Other Websites > Photos – Shutterfly
(We highly recommend getting the Shutterfly Share Site App, which you can do by simply clicking on the orange “GET” from the top of the screen. It makes it much easier to scroll through the pictures.)







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