The Buzzz

Runners of the Week:

Battle of the Fairways Stage Races:

Matthew Leisses (Varsity), Rosie Grant (Varsity), Abby Smith (JV) and Drew Stowers (JV – not pictured)

Wesleyan Meet:

Mary Rains (Varsity), Harrison Forlines (JV), Maggie Stephens (JV) and Miguel Villaca (Varsity – not pictured)


Covered Bridge Meet:

We are in for an absolutely beautiful couple of days for our meet Friday and Saturday.  We appreciate everyone stepping up to volunteer.  You should be hearing from your “Captain” with more detail about your duties. There are still a few spots open in the Parking area.  Please refer to the NEWS item about CB Volunteers needed and the Sign Up Genius.

The Middle School Meet will be held Friday evening and the High School Meet will be held on Saturday morning.  Many runners will be helping out with the middle school meet on Friday evening.  A bus will be taking the runners to the park on Friday afternoon.  More info. will be coming out in a NEWS blast soon on TeamApp.

PLEASE try to carpool Friday night and/or Saturday morning.  Parking will be tight and whatever we can do to minimize cars would be most helpful.

Practice Update:

There will be NO practice for any group this Friday, September 8 due to the Covered Bridge Meet Friday and Saturday.

nut Tip of the Week:

Lunch period can sometimes come at an early hour. So before that hard workout around 4 p.m., it’s important to snack. Otherwise, with fuel stores depleted, the workout will feel harder than it should.

A granola bar and some water right before last period works. Or try a sports drink, which provides calories and fluid. Be sure to refuel within 15 to 30 minutes after the end of your workout. Eat 12–15 grams of protein and 35–50 grams of carbohydrates immediately after a run, plus replace 24 ounces of fluid for every pound lost during a run. Try chocolate milk, trail mix or a sports bar.

Disney Meet:


Congratulations to the runners that were invited to go to Disney October 6 – October 9.  Please be aware that full payment is due by Monday, September 11.  Please refer to the NEWS item in TeamApp for details.  There are several ways to get your money in to guarantee your spot.  We now offer Zelle or ClearXChange through your online banking.


Spirit Nights:


Need a night off cooking?  Order from Johnny’s Pizza!  Johnny’s is hosting a Spirit Night for RHS XC on Tuesday, September 19th & Tuesday, October 3rd from 11am-10pm. Dine-in, carry-out & delivery.  You must mention RHS Cross Country when ordering. The website is:   Johnny’s will give 20% back to the team.


Are you interested in seeing photos from the meets and other gatherings?  We have a Shutterfly Share account where you can view/upload pictures of your favorite athletes!

Here’s how from TeamApp:images
– Other Websites > Photos – Shutterfly
(We highly recommend getting the Shutterfly Share Site App, which you can do by simply clicking on the orange “GET” from the top of the screen. It makes it much easier to scroll through the pictures.)



Everyone should have received a T-shirt (at time trials), socks, and singlet. New runners should also have a backpack, sweats and shorts. If not, please see Coach Evans.



Only 2 more weeks of Watermelon and We still need your help!  We are continuing with Watermelon Wednesdays through September.  Please sign up to imagesbring watermelon (preferably chilled) at about 5:20pm. on a Wednesday.  It’s so  refreshing for the runners in this heat and humidity!  Click here to signup.



We’d love to know if you have an interest in helping next year.  We can start getting you involved this year to make the transition easy.  Please contact Dawn, Ann, Eileen or Bob if you’re interested.


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